01 november 2023

Matthew Burrows #2

Matthew Burrows in his studio, 2022(?).

" A purpose-built studio is every artist’s dream,’ says Matthew Burrows, standing in his East Sussex garden and gesturing at the fantasy made real. An airy, high-ceilinged structure that he designed himself, it is surrounded by a bucolic idyll of expansive views and roaming chickens. This belies the rigour with which Matthew approached the project. He calculated the distance he stands from a canvas when painting, assessed his storage needs and then created one room for drawing and preparing canvases and another for painting – ‘both exactly no bigger than needed’. He made the trolleys that hold his equipment and even the chairs: ‘I reason that if I can paint a painting, I can make anything.’
(bron: House&Garden, foto's: Joshua Monaghan)

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