20 februari 2023

Danny Fox #9

Danny Fox in his studio, Porthmeor Studios, St Ives, 2022.

“I’ve been trying to get in one of these since I was 14,” says Fox as we enter the studio, a large, bright and sparsely decorated room, with bare floorboards and a huge window facing directly out towards the beach and a hazy blue sky. He’s subletting it from another artist for a while. There’s an empty bottle of Laurent Perrier on the shelf and a pack of Co-op salt and vinegar crisps on the table, a pair of old sofas and some paint-splattered stools. A vintage Ladybird book called ‘Learnabout… Painting’ and a hardback of Thomas Hardy’s England.
The walls of the studio are covered in notes, sketches, torn fragments and ephemera. A photo of Muhammad Ali and Cornish poems. Earlier this year Fox started, and quickly abandoned, a project where he asked people to write him a letter and he’d write one back. “I didn't realise how many would arrive, and how long they’d take to reply to!”
Hung and propped are scores of new paintings, more abstract than his earlier work. Colour studies of reds, browns, muddy greens and sage. “These paintings started as studio notes. They’re like word association, where I go one deeper each time,” he says. “I’m really enjoying the process. I don’t know if they’re any good. Once I have six or seven I’ll probably show them to a gallerist. Maybe.”
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