26 juni 2022

Ben Nicholson #5

The house in Brissago where Ben Nicholson had his studio, 1960. (bron: Twitter | Denny Fear)

Ben Nicholson's house in the Ticino, Switzerland, 1966.

"Ben Nicholson met and married the young photographer Felicitas Vogler in 1957, and it was at her suggestion that the new couple left St Ives for the continent. Moving to Switzerland in March 1958, Nicholson discovered in the mountains of the Ticino not only a new landscape but also fresh inspiration for his work. They settled by Lago Maggiore, with its epic, rugged scenery, and built a house just outside Brisssago with wonderful views looking east across the lake. Living now in the heart of Europe, he was not only removed from the sometimes fractious internal politics and rivalries of the British Art scene."
(bron: Sotheby's)

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