25 november 2020

Jasper Johns #15

Jasper Johns Residence and Studio, 225 East Houston Street Manhattan.

In 1967, Johns purchased the former Provident Loan Society of New York branch on the corner of East Houston and Essex Streets. The Provident Loan Society was a philanthropic venture that provided loans on valuables as an alternative to private pawn brokers. Their branches, including the one purchased by Johns, were designed to resemble banks. With this purchase, Johns moved from an apartment at 340 Riverside Drive, which he sold to writer Susan Sontag. After a brief stint at the Chelsea Hotel during studio renovations, Johns moved to East Houston Street in 1968. He retained ownership until 1987, although by the mid-1970s he only painted here occasionally, as he maintained studios in Stony Point, New York and the Caribbean island of St. Martin. At Houston Street, Johns worked on many important paintings, notably the 22 pieces of Map (Based on Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Airocean World) of 1967-71, now at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, and Scent (1973; Ludwig Forum für Kunst, Aachen), his first work consisting entirely of cross hatching.
(bron: NYC LGBT Historical Sites Project, foto: Christopher D. Brazee)

Jasper Johns in his East Houston Street studio, 1973. (foto: Nancy Crampton)

Jasper Johns working in his East Houston Street studio on "Voice 2", 1969. (foto: Hans Namuth)

Jasper Johns working in his East Houston Street studio on "Map (Based on Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Airocean World)", 1970. (foto: Hans Namuth)

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