03 september 2020

Portia Zvavahera

Studio visit Portia Zvavahera,Harare, Zimbabwe, 2018.

We arrive at a beautiful large house built from granite stones of the area with a thatched roof. In the yard are beautiful sculptures carved from the boulders that we saw on the way. Everything radiates peace and harmony. Portia opens the door to her studio and in choir we release a sigh of admiration.

The studio is very spacious and cool. Works in progress are hanging on the wall. Portia is a gentle shy woman. The conversation starts cautiously and I suspect it is because a group of 14 people in jolly voices are invading a place where peace and harmony predominate.
(bron: Orientation trips)

Portia Zvavahera during her residency at Gasworks, London. 2017. (bron: C&)

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