05 juli 2020

Tomás Saraceno

Tomás Saraceno's studio, Berlin, 2017. (bron: We are Berliner)

Tomás Saraceno in his Berlin studio, 2018.

In his studio, a three-storey edifice which used to be a photo-chemicals factory, minutes from the River Spree, Saraceno employs between 40 and 50 collaborators, including biologists, arachnologists, anthropologists, art historians and other artists. Most visually beguiling is a room where nimble-fingered associates assemble the skeletal polygons that are the distant cousins of the cradles woven by the eight-legged insects. Some are still in embryonic stage but many are already suspended from the ceiling, where their weightless, airy facets lend the room a fourth, near-cosmic dimension.
(bron: Financial Times, foto: Marc Ducrest)

Tomás Saraceno studio visit, 2017. (bron: Berlin Cosmopolitan School)

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