04 juli 2019

Marlene Dumas #8

Studio Marlene Dumas, Amsterdam.

Marlene’s workspace consists of a series of interconnected rooms in two adjacent buildings in Amsterdam’s De Pijp district. On one side is her office; on the other is her studio, its floor littered with mounds of crumpled paper and tissues and piles of discarded rubber gloves. Numerous tables are covered with containers full of dirty brushes. The place is a mess. “When I started to get known, people would say, ‘Can we come and take pictures of you in your studio? You must have a beautiful studio.’ I would reply, ‘Not particularly,’” she says, giggling.

Family photographs, newspaper clippings and images of paintings by old masters such as Leonardo, Titian and Vermeer cover the walls of a small room next door. Dumas collects imagery of every kind, immersing herself in pictures she finds interesting. Cabinets storing her works on paper are everywhere. Books line the corridors. It is an Aladdin’s cave of images and texts relating to her life: a museum of Marlene Dumas.

It is here, surrounded by her things, that she often finds inspiration. She can go months without painting, and then suddenly an image preserved years earlier will inspire a work.
(bron: the gentlewoman, foto: Viviane Sassen)

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