27 juni 2019

Tom Sachs #5

Tom Sachs and crew in his studio, 2019.

"Most artists luxuriate in lawlessness. Not Tom Sachs. His “greatest work of art”—his words and ours—is the studio he's created. But he's not talking about the sculptures in his studio—objects that look like the genius renderings from a child's imagination. And technically he's not talking about the people, either: a small assortment of misfits, most of whom are one part welder, one part stylish SoHo inhabitant. Sachs's prestige, so to speak, is the studio itself—the rules and guidelines and code and language and expectations that exist before anyone even clocks in.
(bron: CQ Style, foto's: Jason Nocito)

Tom Sachs at his New York studio, 2017. (bron: Architectural Digest, foto: Emiliano Granado)

Tom Sachs in his studio, 2013.

Well, the studio right now consists of ten people. A workday starts at 8:30 with ’Space Camp’ and then breakfast, and then we’re sort of working around 10:00. People usually eat lunch in the middle of the day, around 12:00 or 1:00 or 2:00. On Mondays we have our staff lunch where it’s red beans and rice, Louis Armstrong’s recipe, New Orleans-style, traditionally. And then it’s building, and for me it’s building and these days more reviewing and drawing and researching and planning. If I can kick everyone out of my side of the studio, shut off my computer, and pop an Adderall, I can make a sculpture myself, occasionally.
(bron: huck)

Tom Sachs’ workshop in lower Manhattan, New York, 2016. (bron: wired)

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