09 mei 2019

Sandra Blow

A look inside the studio of Sandra Blow, Bullans Court, St Ives. The tour begins in the annexe where a series of screenprints are displayed.

The annex leads Sandra's small design studio where in sketchbooks she planned her large works.

Her large-scale works were then executed in the next space, the big studio On display are a selection of her 10 by 8 foot canvases, collage materials, hessian and papers, and a variety of acrylics.

The studio also presents a selection of her designer clothes that reflect her abstract paintings, plus the studio door from her Porthmeor studio, which was removed in its renovation.

The tour ends in the print room where Sandra's screenprints hang. Tours of Bullans Court take place throughout the year. (bron: Royal Academy)

Sandra Blow studio tour. (bron: Sharon McSwiney)

> Sandra Blow Estate

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