17 december 2018

Nicolas de Staël #6

Maison Nicolas de Stael, Antibes. (bron: Totems de Christian Vancau)

"The Russian-born, French abstract painter, Nicolas de Staël, lived in Antibes from 1953 until his death on the 16th of March 1955, when he took his own life, the day after completing one of his finest paintings – Le Concert (Le Grand Concert).

The house where he lived, on the corner of Promenade Amiral de Grasse and Rue du Revely, is a private residence today and you can see it in the centre of this photograph of La Gravette Beach (the pigeon is looking straight at it!). The loggia on the top floor is where Staël set up his painting studio and, on a clear day, he will have been able to look out of the windows and see the blurry outline of the island of Corsica on the horizon.
(bron: Sunshine & Staircases)

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