20 december 2017

Hans Schabus #3

Hans Schabus: Atelier, 2010. Stills from the video.

Installation view, Simon Preston, New York, 2012.

Hans Schabus is known for his ambitious, radical gestures to deconstruct and restructure space. The studio often appears as the matrix of his work, a place of conflict, where life and thinking are transformed into sculptural space and material. Simultaneously fertile and challenging, the intimacy of this space is referred to in the show’s title. ‘Heimat’ is a German word with no direct English translation. It denotes the relationship of a person towards a certain spatial social unit. People are bound to their ‘heimat’ by their birth and childhood. It is fundamental to the formation of a person’s identity .

Many of these preoccupations merge in the large-scale cinematic video titled ‘Atelier’. Beginning with a succession of broad outdoor establishing shots to the soundtrack of a Western: horses, Mexican singing, a village band, fragments of dialogue, etc., the video is a meticulous shot-for-shot re-creation of the infamous shootout scene from ‘The Wild Bunch’, the 1969 American Western. The original scene, notable for its pioneering and intricate multi-angle editing, is transposed to the artist’s studio in Vienna. As the editing of the shots accelerate towards the denouement, the intensity of gunshot fire contrasts with the still, empty images of a disciplined, austere studio. Temporal and spatial cuts are interrupted by an architectural intervention in the gallery, purposefully de-centering the viewer and further invoking the artist’s exploration of spatial experience.
(bron: Simon Preston Gallery)

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