donderdag, oktober 05, 2017

George Bellows

George Bellows: The Studio, 1919. (bron: Meet me in the Drawing Room)

Completed in March 1919, this Christmas scene at Bellows’s Manhattan townhouse (146 East 19th Street) was based on a black-and-white lithograph he had made three years earlier.
Pictured are three generations of his family: the artist painting a portrait of his wife (lower left), his two young daughters (Anne, age 7, and Jean, age 3), and his mother-in-law talking on the telephone, attended by a maid.
(bron: New York Social Diary)

George Bellows: The Studio, Christmas 1916 , 1916. (bron: MutualArt)

146 East 19th Street with attic studio. (bron: Ephemeral New York)

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