vrijdag, juli 08, 2016

Richard Deacon #3

Richard Deacon in his Herne Hill studio, London, 2015.

Farmyard animal toys form part of Richard Deacon's studio collection.

One corner of the studio holds a collection of plants that he has grown from seed.

Can you outline a typical day in the studio?

Because I travel quite a lot, it’s hard to have a typical day. I try to get here for 6 o-‘clock. Then I can have 2 or 3 hours working here at the computer or at the table over there. I wouldn’t really start physically making stuff until later in the day. In a way I wish I had an office that was separate from the studio because there is a compulsion to come here and deal with all of the emails and to get that out the way before you can start working. When you’re travelling a lot, that backlog of activities tends to build up a lot.
...." (bron: Plinth)

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