08 juni 2016

Elisabeth Cummings

Elisabeth Cummings' studio, surrounded by a bushy landscape in Wedderburn, NSW. Her studio has been rebuilt after it was destroyed by bushfires in 1994. Much of her work was lost at the time.

Cummings at work in her studio.

Cummings also remembered the shocking bushfires of 1994, where towering walls of flame moved through the dense eucalypts. "The sky was red, we were all evacuated, and we didn't know what we'd find when we got back. The next day – that's what you learn about fire – everything was smouldering. There were sparks and embers and I was going around with buckets of water dousing them."

She was helping a friend put out little spot fires when another conflagration swept towards her house. "We rushed back and my little studio was on fire … totally lost."

A stray spark under the building had touched a few dry leaves. She set about rebuilding her studio but she had lost a lot of work. Oil painting is based on inflammables like turpentine which ironically, is a solvent – a distilled resin which comes from trees, mainly pines. Some of the paintings she produced after the fire embodied memories of that event.
...." (bron: Financial Review)

Elisabeth Cummings in her Wedderburn studio in January, 2016. (bron: ABC News, foto: Philippa McDonald(?))

(bron: urban walkabout)

Elisabeth Cummings in her studio. (bron: Daily Telegraph)

(bron: Pinterest)

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