20 februari 2023

Danny Fox #8

Danny Fox in his studio, Los Angeles, 2020.

Fox’s studio is three floors above the busy street. A space of 300 square meters with large windows facing the street, high ceilings and twenty paintings leaning against a white wall. They are placed in a row, making for a cinematic experience when passing in front of them.
Final day of my visit to L.A. I’ve arranged to meet Fox one more time for a few last questions. I walk into a space that bears little resemblance to the studio I visited before. All the paintings have been moved to his gallery, and Fox appears lost in the empty space. ‘That’s the fate of the artist,’ he says. You build something, the gallery picks it up, the paintings are sold and scattered across the world, some of them never to be seen again, and in the studio the only remaining trace of the paintings is the paint spilled at the edges onto the wall.
...." (tekst en bron: Robin van den Maagdenberg, foto's: Cara Robbins)

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