woensdag, augustus 25, 2021

Georg Baselitz #28

Schloss Derneburg, voormalige woning en atelier van Georg Baselitz.

Nieuw atelier (1995) van Georg Baselitz bij Schloss Derneburg. (eigen foto's)

Plattegrond van de Hall Art Foundation, met Schloss Derneburg en het nieuwe atelier van Georg Baselitz bij nr. 1 op de kaart.

"Originally a fortified castle, the history of Schloss Derneburg, which is situated near Hannover, stretches back almost one thousand years. For several centuries a monastery, then a residence for the Anglo-Hanoverian Munster family, since 1974 the current Schloss was the home and studio of artist, Georg Baselitz until its sale in 2006. Since then, and in cooperation with the Schloss Derneburg Museum gGmbH, the Schloss has been reunited with the adjacent domain and both have undergone extensive renovations to become a public museum space for the Hall Art Foundation."

(bron: Hall Art Foundation)

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