vrijdag, januari 15, 2021

Matthias Dornfeld #2

Matthias Dornfeld's studio, 2020.

Hello ! I am in the countryside outside Berlin, trying to work in a new space. Thanks to corona now is the time to get used to the new. It is an old farm, barn and stables. I still have to fix some stuff in the studio and house, plaster a wall, cut wood for the oven, build a table, fix some bird boxes, etc. Studio work is a little difficult, trying to find my rhythm, not being alone here, which I’m not used to, is unusual, but it’s a good challenge. Not sure if the shows which were planned for this year will take place, rather unlikely. Uncertainty - a challenge. What makes more sense than to continue my work ? Maybe nothing … ? probably nothing ! :) The virus makes everything more intense, the bad stuff and the good, and even brings out new things. It’s springtime out here - it looks like a perfect world - weird
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