woensdag, januari 20, 2021

Katy Moran

Katy Moran in her studio, west London, 2015(?).

The current studio is in a block filled with diverse businesses – fashion, music and sport. "I am the only artist here, but I come here to work so I hang out with my artist mates in the evenings". On the top floor tucked into the eves, it has lovely big windows with views, but the easel is set up with its back to the windows. The floor shows the stains of a painter, put down at the behest of the landlord. "I told him I did collage and it sometimes stuck to the floor, so he insisted on putting down the vinyl". On the wall there are a few small paintings in various stages of completion.
(bron: Independent, foto: David Sandison)

Katy Moran in her studio, London, 2015(?).

"Katy Moran's workplace, not far from Kensal Green in north-west London, is everything you'd expect from a painter's studio. A hive of messy activity, it's bathed in light from above, and against the walls, on shelves and on the floor are stacks of unfinished paintings and books. Everything is covered in paint: chairs and an easel are dotted with splats and splashes and a metal trolley, clearly used as Moran's palette, is absolutely caked in the stuff.
(bron: Evening Standard, foto: Adrian Lourie)

Katy Moran studio London, 2014(?). (bron: sarahwilkinsart)

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