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Mary Heilmann

Mary Heilmann in her studio.

I get up really early, usually by 6am. When I'm working at the farm on Long Island, which is a two-hour train ride from my other studio in New York, I come downstairs, walk out the door and down this really beautiful little path to my studio. I’ve been working in the same studio for almost 20 years and I’m not going anywhere.

I sit down and have coffee and I look at the work. I read some spiritual books and I meditate. Looking at the work is part of the meditation process. The room is full of paintings, some finished, others still works in progress. The room itself is almost like a piece.

I give myself an hour for that and then I start working. The looking part is me trying to figure out the easiest way to do something. I get ideas all the time, though: at night, when I’m out and when I’m talking to people. I usually imagine the finished piece before I actually finish it. I know what I’m doing. It’s always been that way: I imagine the piece and then I make it.

My studio is a medium-sized barn. When I moved there, I took down the barn and built a nice new one with a beautiful basement for the ceramics studio. I work on the ground floor. It has a little couch in there, where I sit and think, and a little kitchen, where I make my coffee. I get to look out of the window at a two-acre farm. That’s a big inspiration. The garden, the farm and the studio are all part of my thinking about my work.
(bron: The Telegraph, foto: Philip Mauro)

(bron: Independent, foto: Tria Giovan(?))

Mary Heilmann in front of her studio in Bridgehampton. (bron: artnews, foto's: Katherine McMahon)

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