donderdag, november 15, 2018

James Tissot #3

Studio for James Tissot Esq., Grove End Road.

In Paris, Tissot had a small English-style villa, located off the Avenue de l’Impératrice (now Avenue Foch), with a comparatively modest conservatory and garden. The house no longer exists but parts of it were used by Tissot as settings for his pictures. In them, we are able to see room interiors, furniture, and fittings, including newly imported items from Japan and China, as well as eighteenth-century European pieces.

When Tissot settled in London after the Franco-Prussian War, his house and garden at 17 Grove End Road, St John’s Wood, were equally conducive to work. The paintings created there provide so much detail that the art historian Mireille Galinou and the illustrator Stephen Conlin have reconstructed how the house and gardens looked before and after the artist’s additions. The latter included a large studio and conservatory extension, designed by the Scottish architect John McKean Brydon, and various plantings, trellises, and colonnades outdoors.
(bron: British Art Studies)

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