vrijdag, november 23, 2018

Alexander Calder #8

Alexander Calder's home and studio's, Roxbury, Connecticut. (bron: Connecticut Barns)

In 1933, Calder and Louisa left France and returned to the United States, where they purchased an old farmhouse in Roxbury, Connecticut. Calder converted an icehouse attached to the main house into a studio.

"An artist who worked in a wide variety of materials, Calder built several buildings on the property over the years, out of ordinary cinder block. The austerity and simplicity of the architecture, coupled with abundant windows and elegant roof lines (and the fact of Calder having made incredible artworks in them) make the block buildings compelling. We counted four block buildings on the property."

The property is still owned by the Calder Family, it is not open to the public.

Zie ook de post van 15 mei 2014 (hk).

Calder in his Roxbury Studio.

Roxbury Studio with Paint Cans. (bron en foto's: Pedro Guerrero)

> Calder Foundation

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