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Claes Oldenburg #9

Broome Street, New York City, 1976.

After fifteen years on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, I moved in 1971 to the West side of the island, taking over the Marine Engine Specialities Corporation on Broome Street. When I first saw the company's two adjoining five-storey buildings, they were filled with wooden models of propellers and other ship parts. These were soon replaced by all my work and archives.
Coosje's and my first task, on moving into the buildings in 1978, was to inventory the accumulated material and select what was worth keeping.
Coosje described the nature and limits of Broome Street execution in 1978: 'With the passage of time the contents of the studio grow in an organic way into a kind of city landscape thet reflects the world outside the studio through the accumulation of material such as ripped-out advertisements, maps, and small purchased and found objects. Besides this there are fragments of thoughts hastily typed or scribbled, sketches, 'studio objects', remnants of work processes, and an abundance of 'living' material: pieces of rope, metal and plastic wire, plaster, muslin, glue, styrofoam, foam rubber, canvas, kapok, staples etc. etc. Techniques used in the studio are purposely kept on the primitive level of a Robinson Crusoe. A broken compass has to be taped together before it can be used. Two strings serve as an aid in rendering perspective.'
(uit: A Bottle of Notes and Some Voyages, uitg: Rizzoli)

> Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen

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