vrijdag, juni 30, 2017

Gabriel Orozco #2

Gabriel Orozco, work in progress.

Gabriel Orozco: DS Coraline. 2013. (bron: Grappa Studio)

When he was his son’s age, Orozco wanted to be a star Formula One driver. “But in Mexico, it’s a career that’s not easy to have, to be a speed racecar driver,” he said. He used to walk down the street looking at cars and thinking about how, if you just cut them the right way, they could race. When he was a kid, he said, his notebooks were filled with sketches of cars. La DS was a direct return to these childhood plans. This summer, the Kunsthaus Bregenz museum in Austria featured a reincarnation of La DS called La DS Cornaline (2013), a tighter, newer, burgundy version of the original.

His more current notebooks are filled with thoughts, sketches, snippets of ideas inspired by what he’s reading. A mobile studio of sorts, he calls them, which a non-​assistant assistant transcribed this year. Twenty years of notebooks became 1,000 computerized pages of text, which Orozco is now editing down to 300 pages that the leftist press Ediciones Era will publish in Mexico this year.

Gabriel Orozco’s notebook with photos of Samurai Trees in progress, 2005.

Gabriel Orozco’s notebook, 1992.
(bron: VQR Online)

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