zaterdag, april 18, 2015

Jake & Dinos Chapman #2

Jake and Dinos Chapman,Hackney Wick, east London.

"Jake (left): “The work in the gallery is not the work in the studio. You can’t go back. You think about it in a very different way. Dinos: “Everything you make is a massive disappointment because it’s not the thing you wanted it to be ... Once it is outside our studio, it isn’t ours anyway. We can’t be held responsible for what it is seen as. It becomes an object in its own right.” (bron: The Guardian, tekst en foto: Robin Fried)

Jake and Dinos Chapman in their studio in east London. (bron: The Guardian, foto's: David Levene)

Furry friends: at their studio in Hackney Wick. (bron: London Evening Standard, foto: Rebecca Reid)

> Jake & Dinos Chapman

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