zaterdag, februari 01, 2014

Gary Hume #4

Gary Hume photographed in his studio in London. (bron: The Sunday Times, foto: Manuel Vazquez)

Gary Hume in his studio in east London.

"The basement floor of Gary Hume's expansive east London studio is a large, bright square room full of creative mess and clutter. There are shelves packed with tins of gloss paint, a table covered in plastic containers of the same, and another long table inches deep in discarded pieces of drawing paper and pages torn from magazines. In the centre of the room stand three sculptures: big, thin, wonky, metal wheels, coated in resin and painted in bright colours, which look like they might topple over at any moment. The only things that are pristine and ordered are the dozen or so new paintings hung in a long, neat line around two walls, colours restrained, lines minimal, their aura inordinately calm." (bron: The Guardian, foto: Suki Dhanda)

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