donderdag, mei 16, 2013

Constantin Brancusi #3

Reconstruction of the Atelier Brancusi
Paris, France - 1992/1996

Recessed in the place Beaubourg, just in front of the Centre Pompidou, this small building hosts the permanent exhibition of the works of Constantin Brancusi.

The major challenge of the project was to reproduce the exact dispositions of the works as they were displayed in the original artist's atelier before he left them to the french government.

The atelier replicates the layout, the volume and the light of the original studio, but is housed in a larger square flatroofed pavilion.

The complex is then enclosed within a precinct protecting it from the fuss of the urban life.

View from north-west with Pompidou Centre behind.

View over the courtyard wall.

Looking east through southern bays of gallery towards courtyard. (bron: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, foto's: Denancé Michel)

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