dinsdag, juni 02, 2020

Line of Beauty #4

Barry McGlashan: The Wizard, 2015. Barnett Newman (hk).

Barry McGlashan: Conclave, 2018. Francis Bacon (hk).

Barry McGlashan: Loss Of Self, 2014. Francis Bacon (hk).

Barry McGlashan: Morning In Santa Fe, 2014. Georgia O'Keeffe (hk).

Barry McGlashan: The Colour Field, 2015. Helen Frankenthaler (hk).

Barry McGlashan: The Arena, 2015. Jackson Pollock (hk).

Barry McGlashan: Anxiety, 2014. Philip Guston (hk).

Barry McGlashan: No.54, 2015. Richard Diebenkorn (hk).

"Step into the (fictional) studios of Leonardo, Raphael, Rubens and Picasso, among others, as Barry McGlashan recreates the interiors of some of the world’s most significant artists. With layer upon layer of intricate, thoughtful and comedic detail, McGlashan’s paintings are musings on painting itself – how artists made their work, and the context in those works were made.
McGlashan’s storytelling traces a line through the history of art in the rooms where it all began."
(bron tekst: Royal Academy)

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