dinsdag, januari 07, 2020

Ellsworth Kelly #15

Ellsworth Kelly's studio, Spencertown, NY, 2001. (bron: Greg Yang Design)

Ellsworth Kelly’s studio in Spencertown, New York.

Ellsworth Kelly’s Curves on White paintings in the studio.

The last remaining blank canvas left behind from Ellsworth Kelly. (bron: Heather Day)

Ellsworth Kelly’s studio, just as he left it.

“At the end, his studio became like where he was living,” Mr. Shear said. “He was not only painting, but he was actually living in the studio. I mean, Ellsworth considered Spencertown — and probably the studio in Spencertown — the center of the world, the center of the universe. This is where he finally, toward the end of his life, really wanted to be.”
(bron: The New York Times, foto's: Jack Shear)

Ellsworth Kelly in his studio. (bron: The Wall Street Journal)

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