vrijdag, juni 01, 2018

Antony Gormley #8

Gormley studio.

"This bespoke structure was designed to accommodate some of the industrial processes involved in making the artist’s work and to provide storage for the completed sculptures. The artist’s workshop is one of a number of projects Carmody Groarke have completed for British sculptor Antony Gormley.

The building’s elemental form, clad entirely in heavy-duty galvanised-steel plate, sits within the courtyard of the original studios by David Chipperfield. The workshop’s pitched roof form responds to the scale of the courtyard and neighbouring studio, as well as the surrounding warehouses and industrial buildings to the north of King’s Cross. The robust and monolithic aesthetic of its construction is directly related to its functional performance and also intended to have a sculptural appearance through the use of materials."
(bron: Carmody Groarke, foto's: Oak Taylor-Wood)

> Antony Gormley

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