zaterdag, april 22, 2017

Jorinde Voigt #2

Jorinde Voigt in her studio.

This is the most homely studio we have been to. No, not cosy, in fact it is a large studio with lofty ceilings, consisting of several spacious rooms. It is refined with full height white cotton hangings, walls of natural stone mixed with plaster, equipped with a huge bar adorned with a vases of lilies, well dosed light and a little garden with lavender in front of the entrance. „I spend all my life in my studio, so I want it to be as pleasant as possible,“ Jorinde explains. „The conversion took two years! And now, that I have been in this place for two and a half years, I am looking for something new, because I need more space. I also want to be closer to the airport, because I am travelling a lot.“
(bron: artitious, foto's: Joerg Reichhardt)

> Jorinde Voigt

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