donderdag, april 20, 2017

Anselm Kiefer #11

Anselm Kiefer: Heroic Symbols, 1969. (collectie: Tate en National Galleries of Scotland)

Anselm Kiefer’s Heroic Symbols photographs document a series of art ‘actions’, undertaken in 1969, which involved the artist performing the taboo Sieg Heil salute in private and public spaces in various European locations. Several hundred photographs were taken, but only some were developed at the time. Those that were printed were utilised for various purposes: they featured in Kiefer’s unique book projects made later that same year, provided motifs for large-scale paintings he produced in 1970, and were published as a photo-essay in the conceptual art magazine Interfunktionen in 1975. The photographs have since been reused by Kiefer for mixed media artworks and installations, and since 2007 he has enlarged many more photographs from the original negatives.
(bron: Tate)

Ik heb het niet meet zekerheid kunnen na gaan, maar deze foto's zijn waarschijnlijk gemaakt in Kiefer's atelier in Karlsruhe (hk).

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