dinsdag, januari 31, 2017

Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval #2

Johannes Sveinsson Kjarval at his cabin. (bron: Atlas Obscura)

Jóhannes Kjarval's summer studio shanty on a farm near Kjarvalshvammur.

Over the years, during the winter months, Kjarval rented living and studio space in Reykjavík. During milder seasons, he took to the raw northern part of the island where a farmer allowed him to camp out in a tent near the sea shore. Later the farmer built the painter a small shanty near his favorite painting location. This tiny cabin and the surrounding area were the only property Kjarval ever owned. Even though he often painted on location, the effort was mainly one of deriving inspiration rather than details from the landscape. One photo even shows him painting a group portrait, outside, "on location," his subjects no where to be seen.
(bron: Art Now and Then)

(bron: wanderlust)

The hut of Jóhannes Sveinsson Kjarval, 94 road, Iceland. (bron: wikimedia)

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