maandag, januari 16, 2017

Ed Ruscha #4

Ed Ruscha, Rocky I, late 1970s.

He has worked with materials ranging from the traditional (acrylics and graphite) to the unusual (gunpowder and spinach), but perhaps none is more unusual than the decomposed granite used to make Rocky II, a large rock Ruscha fabricated and placed somewhere in the Mojave Desert in the late 1970s, around the same time the famous film starring Sylvester Stallone was released. In general, very little is known about this work, including its current whereabouts.

While processing Ruscha’s collection I came across a small Polaroid photograph, tucked away in a folder of miscellaneous projects, which documents an early stage in the production of the work. In a handwritten inscription on the back of the photograph, Ruscha referred to this early stage as Rocky I.
...." (bron: Cultural Compass, foto Ed of Paul Ruscha(?))

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