dinsdag, oktober 18, 2016

Florine Stettheimer #2

Florine Stettheimer: Studio Party, or Soiree, 1917-1919.

"Florine Stettheimer hosted a salon for prominent members of New York's creative class, whom she often portrayed in her artwork. Seated at center, Leo Stein, art critic and older brother of Gertrude Stein, has removed his hearing aid in apparent disdain for the Jazz Age playright James Avery Hopwood. The darkly-clad poet Sankar sits alone against the backdrop of Florine Stettheimer's nude self-portrait. At top left are tenor Maurice Stern, sister Ettie Stettheimer, and Isabell Lachaise, wife of Gaston, who appears at bottom left, scrutinizing a canvas with Albert Gleizes. Gleizes's wife and Florine herself are shown on the sofa, at right." (bron: ebay)

Florine Stettheimer: A Model (Nude Self-Portrait), ca. 1915-1916. (collectie: Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University)

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