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David Altmejd #5

David Altmejd in his studio, 2012.

"Walking into David Altmejd’s studio feels like falling down a rabbit hole into some strange wonderland. Hidden on the top floor of a Long Island City warehouse that’s just one subway stop from Manhattan, the large, bright space is a hub of activity in preparation for the friendly, bright-eyed artist’s big (untitled) solo show at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Connecticut.

Four cheerful assistants scurry about, putting finishing touches on sculptures in various states of inhuman condition. One glues hair upon the thigh of a 12-foot giant. Another voraciously hammers a wooden skeleton that will become a plaster mannequin. Yet another collects countless tiny resin grapes, and dozens of disembodied heads—an Altmejd specialty—look on, duly impressed.

“Be careful, Lucas! Careful with your fingers,” the 37-year-old artist calls to an assistant who looks like he might cut himself while slicing a block of foam into the shape of an enormous hand.
His studio is filled with countless imitation body parts, which are magic ingredients in his baker’s pantry. Plaster ears are laid out on a table, organized in pairs for easy access. Buckets of extra ears sit nearby. “They’re casts of my ears,” Altmejd confides. “Once you make a mould, you can make as many casts as you want.” There are also baskets of fake ants, resin pears, and lots of coconuts. Real coconuts. A little man made of coconuts delivers a jaunty salute. Where does one procure so many coconuts?
...." (bron: NUVO, foto's: Jody Rogac)

David Altmejd in his studio, 2016(?). (bron: Arielle Bier, foto: Andrew Weir)

Altmejd in his Queens studio, with his poodle, Floyd, and works in progress. (bron: The Wall Street Journal, foto: Leonora Hamill)

T/m 1 januari is de dubbelsolo tentoonstelling "Self-Fiction" van David Altmejd en Friedrich Kunath te zien bij Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort (hk).

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