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Wendy White

Wendy White's studio, Brooklyn, New York.

Walking into her Sunset Park studio felt like being dropped directly into the paintings that consumed it. There was even a lone sound of melodic percussion coming from who knows where. It played like the soundtrack to this film that took place just above the earth's atmosphere and just below the surface of her canvases. A few minutes in, Wendy explained that there was a recording studio next door. And so, coming back down from the clouds, we began our visit.
...." (bron: Pencil in the Studio)

Pencil in the Studio "is a record of my (Maria Calandra)visits with artists in their studios. While I am there I do drawings of the studio and talk with the artist." Mooie verzameling ateliers, gesprekken en tekeningen (hk).

Studio visit with Wendy White in Brooklyn. (bron: behind the bijoux)

Wendy White, Brooklyn.

(bron: The Artists In The World en Artists In The World, foto's: André Smits)

> Wendy White

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