vrijdag, april 22, 2016

Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen: Ugo Rondinone

"Moonrise South / Moonrise North, 2003
Polyurethane resin, diverse formats

For this series, Ugo Rondinone selected twelve African masks and twelve animal masks, which were cast in black polyurethane resin as original moldings. Each mask, therefore, corresponds to a month."

"The Twenty Four Hours of the Poem, 2005
Wax, Ø 82 × 140 cm

A light bulb with screw thread was digitalized, scaled and milled mechanically in Styrofoam. Ugo Rondinone applied a layer of clay to the Styrofoam model, which was then molded in a two-part silicon form. The form was painted with a circa 1.5-centimeter-thick layer of colored wax, given an iron skeleton, assembled, and filled with polyurethane resin. Countersunk in the interior is a hook on which the sculpture can be attached to the ceiling with zinc-coated steel wire.

The series consists of 24 light bulbs, a different color variant for each hour of the day. The respective combination of three colors was precisely colored in wax as the result of pantone patterns."

"Moonrise West, 2004
Polyurethane/aluminum, diverse formats

From the animal masks, Rondinone developed twelve larger masks, which were carved in Styrofoam, coated with clay, and molded in black rubber. The artist and his assistant made extensive imprints of their fingers in the clay.

Sunrise West, 2005
The same series was cast in aluminum."

"Moonrise East und Sunrise East, 2006
Aluminum/bronze, diverse formats

Ugo Rondinone worked in the Studio House on the creation of twelve mask-like heads, which he modeled in clay over a Styrofoam core. The series Moonrise was cast in aluminum and painted the color of damp clay. A second series (Sunrise) was cast in bronze and painted silver."

"Karton, 2007
Aluminum, ca. 230 × 93 × 1.5 cm

Ugo Rondinone folded the model of the cardboard, cast it in aluminum in a sand mold, and painted it in a naturalistic manner. After wax isolation was applied, the cardboard was molded in a firesand form material and then burned out. After the ashes were completely removed, it was possible to close the form and perform the casting. This made it possible to depict also the hollow side views in a natural manner.

Each casting is a unique piece. Each is painted in a naturalistic manner by Anne-Rose Schwab." (bron: Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen)

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