woensdag, maart 30, 2016

A Private View with Anthony Lycett

Fiona Rae, London.

Gavin Turk, London.

Grayson Perry, London.

Laure Provost, London.

"I met Anthony Lycett when I was interviewing 92-year-old RA painter Anthony Eyton in his Brixton studio; Lycett was there at the same time photographing him. We got chatting and Lycett, a tall, gregarious fellow, filled me in on his his project – Private View – an intriguing long-term exploration of London- and Paris-based creatives framed within the backdrops of their inner sanctums: their studios. Where Lycett’s approach differs to the run-of-the-mill artists-in-their-studios portraits is in the method he uses: taking multiple shots of the subject and the space they occupy, Lycett creates a type of photographic composition that’s reminiscent in its conception to the photographic collages (or ‘joiners’) popularised by David Hockney back in the 80s.
Obviously, Hockney didn’t have access to Photoshop back then. But now, with the technical benefits the digital era allows, Lycett is able to seamlessly piece together his own digital version of the photographic collage, creating deep, wide-angled images that allow a viewer to become immediately ensconced in the artist’s personal space; the studios and assorted paraphernalia (whether cluttered or minimal, depending on the individual artist’s working practices) are discovered in the same way as your eye would take in the surroundings, leading you around the mental workings of the artists in an immediate, visceral way, as your vision flits back and forth around the picture, curious about what it will encounter next.
...." (bron: Saatchi Gallery Magazine, foto's: Anthony Lycett)

Meer foto's uit de serie zijn te vinden bij de bron en op de website van Anthony Lycett (hk).

> Fiona Rae
> Gavin Turk
> Laure Provost

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