woensdag, september 02, 2015

Andreas Schulze

Andreas Schulze’s studio, Cologne, 2015.

"Andreas Schulze’s studio consists of two parts: a working space and a lounge. The lounge – which should rather be named “Wohnzimmer“, is no less than an art installation. It is bursting with objects from flea markets and antique shops, which Andreas visits in almost every place he travels to. Here you find him in between furniture from the Memphis Group, Meissen Porcellain, lace from St.Gallen –where he had one of his recent museum solo shows, Märklin toy-railway environments, wooden figures from the Erzgebirge, all kinds of lamps, and last but not least Steiff animals: from which he has one of the largest collections you have ever seen. He mixes valuable items with trashy things –which quickly become precious too, because he finds them. All of these collectibles are part of Andreas Schulzes artistic universe.
...." (bron: artitious)

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