donderdag, juni 11, 2015

Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum's studio, Shoreditch, London, 2012.

"This project involved the redesign of an existing studio space to create a workshop and exhibition studio for the artist Mona Hatoum. The plan was reworked to optimise the space with a new kitchen, shower room, WC and 2 office spaces in addition to the main studio and exhibition space.

In the front room brickwork was left exposed and painted a brilliant white as a backdrop for the display of the artist’s work. Lighting was an essential part of the scheme both natural and artificial, and CDA worked to achieve optimum effect for the client. As this exhibition space will also double as a workspace lighting control was an important element in the design. The existing beams were utilised to run linear light fittings which are fully controlled by the artist depending on the use of the space and her requirement at a specific time. Metal conduits were utilised to enhance the industrial feel of the studio.

In the rear office space natural light was introduced to the previously gloomy centre of the plan with the removal of partition walls. Natural light was also introduced to the shower room and WC through a clerestory window which introduced borrowed light from the neighbouring room." (bron: Architects Republic)

Mona Hatoum shows TateShots around her studio, an old shop in the heart of Berlin, 2011. Stills van "TateShots: Mona Hatoum, studio visit". (bron: Tate)

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