zaterdag, mei 09, 2015

Mary Cassatt

Chateau de Beaufresne, Le Mesnil-Theribus, France.

The back of Chateau Beaufresne, then.

The sunny room at the back of the chateau that was known as the gallery. It is supposedly where Cassatt used to paint.

At the back of the property there still stands the small mill that Cassatt used as her printing studio. She would spend as much as 8 hours a day working here.

Cassatt led a long productive life, and spent much of her time in summer homes in the country. In fact, from 1894 until her death in 1926 Cassatt lived in a summer home in Le Mesnil-Theribus, France, a country village north of Paris. Her home was called Chateau de Beaufresne (“Beautiful Ash”) named for the large ash trees that grow in the area.
...." (bron: American Girls Art Club In Paris)

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