maandag, april 27, 2015

Donald Judd #6

Donald Judd's home and studio, 101 Spring Street. (Deze foto is eerder geplaatst in de post van 24 september 2013 (hk).)

A composite of the Judd family house's five floors, with works by fellow artists and friends Dan Flavin, John Chamberlain and Frank Stella. (foto: Rainer Judd)

" RAINER JUDD SPENT MUCH of the first two decades of her life at 101 Spring Street, a five-story cast-iron building in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. Toward the end of her tenure there, she pretty much had the run of the place. Older brother Flavin was away at school, her parents had long since divorced and her mother had moved out. Her father, renowned artist Donald Judd, worked much of the time, shuttling between New York and his massive studio compound in Marfa, Texas. When he was in the city, Rainer and her friends would be pressed into service as caterers for his art-world dinner parties, then steal out afterwards to hit the downtown clubs.

But what Rainer remembers best about those years was the sense of openness, of space, that came with living in the former industrial loft, a feeling of freedom accentuated by her father's having removed parts of the walls encasing the building's main stairs. Judd's bedroom was on the top floor, hers in the basement. "I would run up and down those stairs," she recalls. "I'd run up to the fifth floor just to say good night." " (bron: The Wall Street Journal)

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