woensdag, maart 18, 2015

Polich Tallix: Eric Fischl

"Polich Tallix has been working with Ficshl casting his bronze figures for almost 15 years. Recently, the foundry cast Kneeling Woman, a small bronze figure displayed recently at Miami Art Basel and Congress of Wits, a five figure group of dancers in bronze. Ten Breaths: Congress of Wits was originally conceived by the artist as a life size set. A few years ago, Polich Tallix scanned and digitally enlarged the maquette version of the piece, made molds and cast the composition at life size. Fischl painted the piece and worked with a dressmaker to design gowns for some of the dancers. The sculpture was exhibited in Germany. The artist worked with Chase Art Companies out of Chicago Illinois to cast this 2nd edition of the maquette version. The bronzes have a delicately dripped bright orange, dramatic, and very painterly patina on their surface."

"Tumbling Woman, a bronze casting produced in 2001, made headlines when it was installed in the lower concourse of Rockefeller Center as a memorial to the victims of 9/11. Intended to remind us that the tragedy was that of human nature and affects the human condition; to remind citizens of New York to remember to mourn those lost rather than the architecture that was the World Trade Center. The sculpture very gracefully depicts a woman’s body at a moment of impact; an almost dreamlike feeling of falling."

The Samaritan.


Four Figures. (bron: Polich Tallix)

> Eric Fischl

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