maandag, maart 23, 2015

Monica Bonvicini

Monica Bonvicini in haar atelier.

"Ms Bonvicini's studio, which used to be a workshop that made tools for repairing buses, is in Wedding, a working-class part of the Mitte district of Berlin. She liked the space instantly because it was “empty and dirty”, unlike her pristinely renovated previous studio, which inhibited her from making a mess. In one area, metal chains in various colours and sizes are draped like samples in a hardware shop. In another, a cluster of strap-on dildos, one of which was used as a prop in her “No Head Man” video, hang from a hook like a bouquet of drying flowers. On the floor a stack of text-on-glass works say, “Bet your sweet life.” (bron: The Economist)

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