dinsdag, maart 31, 2015

Chris Burden

The Topanga Canyon studio of Chris Burden. (bron: Brett Berk)

Chris Burden in hie studio. (bron: PRWeb, foto: Jonas Karlsson)

Studio with "Metropolis II".

Chris Burden has spent four years creating Metropolis II, and it features 1,100 die-cast model cars which whizz around the city’s 18 ‘highways’, while numerous electric trains and trams carry the invisible commuters to and from their futuristic office buildings. Every hour the sculpture manages 100,000 individual car journeys at a dizzying scale speed of up to 230 mph!

Metropolis II is on a much grander scale than the previous Metropolis sculpture – which only had 80 cars. Naturally, a project as large as Metropolis II requires more than one person to put together, and Burden’s chief engineer Zak Cook was responsible for the nuts ‘n bolts construction work.

Metropolis II requires two full-time attendants when in operation. One manages the sculpture from the inside, while the other walks around checking to make sure their aren’t any traffic jams.
...." (bron: Diseno-art)

Chris Burden, Studio, 2008. (bron en foto's: Joshua White)

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