donderdag, juni 26, 2014

Allan McCollum

Allan McCollum with one of his Constructed Paintings in his studio on Brooks Avenue in Venice, California, ca. 1971. (bron:, foto: Frank J. Thomas)

Allan McCollum assembles a group of his Constructed Paintings in his studio at Brooks Avenue and Speedway in Venice, California, 1972. (bron:

"Exclusive Episode #129: Filmed in his Brooklyn studio, Allan McCollum reveals the process and logic behind the project Over Ten Thousand Individual Works (begun in 1982). Cast in plaster, hand-painted, and displayed in vast quantities, each Individual Work is a unique combination of shapes adapted from commercially-produced objects. Applying strategies of mass production to hand-made objects, Allan McCollum's labor-intensive practice questions the intrinsic value of the unique work of art. McCollum's installations—fields of vast numbers of small-scale works, systematically arranged—are the product of many tiny gestures, built up over time. Viewing his work often produces a sublime effect as one slowly realizes that the dizzying array of thousands of identical-looking shapes is, in fact, comprised of subtly different, distinct things. Engaging assistants, scientists, and local craftspeople in his process, McCollum embraces a collaborative and democratic form of creativity." (bron: artbabble)

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