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Dan Fischer - Works

Dan Fischer: Brancusi in Studio, 2009.

Dan Fischer: Frank Stella, 2007.

Dan Fischer: Jackson Pollock, 2002.

Dan Fischer: Philip Guston, 2004.

Dan Fischer: Mondrian Studio II, 2008.

Dan Fischer: Roy Lichtenstein, 2004.

Dan Fischer: Yves Klein, 2010.

"Dan Fischer’s drawings (pencil on paper) of artist / artist acts in studio /and artworks by others…etc…. a particular selection of imagery - some of which seem very familiar. I notice a sort of translation occurs here - the artist uses the labor of the craft - in this case the “look” of a pencil grid layout to aid the artist in converting the “scene” onto graphite on paper which to reveals overtly the artist’s hand - like a signature - like a particular color tone.. Below a review by Roberta Smith in the NYT that I missed previously….

It is interesting to think how some forms of “copying” are given a wide berth.

Perhaps this is so when the medium is granted the status of an original artwork itself or that of an “original individual art object” - quite unlike say a photograph which presumably is infinitely reproducible… You make one and only one unique and individual drawing (like painting). As opposed to say “re-photography” and appropriation through photography, etc that intermittently stirs up questions of authorship and originality in some contemporary work… I have to agree that sometimes, photography is in some ways - “too easy” as Le Corbusier is accredited to have said." (tekst: Matt Niebuhr)

> Dan Fischer bij Derek Eller Gallery en Alison Jaques Gallery

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